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RAC105 is an adult FM music radio station based in Barcelona and a DVB music video TV station, broadcasting in Catalonia.

For the launching of their new project RAC105 created a new concept of multimedia platform by bringing together contents and shows from both platforms and delivering them via web.

Mortensen was in charge of the information architecture, design and programming of the site.

Integrating large amounts of different media from radio and TV with user participation and coping with changes to the initial requirements were a real challenge especially in the programming phase.

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User can mark contents as favorite or post them to Twitter or Facebook.

Integration with social networks

The user can mark a show as favorite and post it to social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

RAC105 - Integration with social networks

Tab navigation

Each show is a section of the main RAC105.cat website but at the same time the section acts as the website for the show with a memorable URL for listeners to remember. Sections on each show are accessed via tabs.

RAC105 - Tabs

Last songs played

As the songs get played on the FM/streaming radio, they are included to a dynamic list. The user can then listen to them again either individually or as a playlist. Songs can be purchased directly on iTunes.

RAC105 - Last songs played

What's next?

On the Radio and TV sections, the user can easily view the next show to be aired.

RAC105 - What's next?
RAC105 - Streaming


Users have the possibility to stream RAC105 FM or RAC105 TV while navigating the website thanks to the pop-up player.

Media reviews

A large database for movie, videogame and book reviews is available to the users.

RAC105 - Media reviews

Event schedule

When available, links to online ticketing services are provided.

RAC105 - Concert schedule

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