Oonair website redesign and development

Oonair is a Barcelona based company that enables companies to connect their workforce through simple and effective mobile video collaboration. Using Oonair's technology, anyone with a video and internet capable phone can send life audiovisual content to the cloud for storage or live broadcsast. Mortensen was commissioned with the architecture, design and programming of the site. Strong requirements were made for the design to be eye catching, funky and visually appealing to a worldwide business audience.

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Oonair - Crystal clear navigation

Crystal clear navigation

Top level navigation shows the underlying site structure at a glance. No need for sitemaps.

Time to act

Mortensen worked hand in hand with Oonair in the copywriting of the contents keeping them simple to deliver a clear and direct message.

Oonair - Time to act

Features, illustrated

An exclusive set of over 40 icons was created for the website.

Oonair - The tool's highlights

It's right there

Informational links and action buttons are visually organized so navigation doesn't get in the middle.

Oonair - It's right there

Tool highlights

Some of Oonair's features needed their own visual identity.

Oonair - Keep me updated

It's in the details

We put special attention to the finest details in each and every page.

Oonair - Features at a glance

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