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MRW website redesign

MRW is the top packaging delivery company in Spain with a network of over 1.300 offices worldwide with a strong commitment to social responsibility. Currently over 1% of MRW’s gross revenue is devoted to charity projects.

MRW commissioned Mortensen with the information architecture and the visual design of their new website with this three main requirements:

  • Premium corporate online presence.
  • Delivery search and tracking engine for final customers.
  • Clear communication of their social responsibility programs.

Several options were explored ranging from the more traditional corporate approaches to radical ones such as a Google-like search engine for deliveries. Here you can see the final result.

View live website


Here’s the website in its early stages, in wireframe form, where MRW and Mortensen explored the different ways to structure content and navigation. Once this was agreed upon we moved to the visual and interaction design phase.

MRW - Advanced search MRW - Advanced search

Advanced search

A simple yet poweful Google-like search bar in the header to track to track shippments, find offices and calculate shipping costs.

MRW - Advanced search

A dynamic call to action

The web had to show the reasons why is so great to be a MRW customer in a visual and appealing way. We think of it as a dynamic call to action.

MRW - Call-for-action

Shippments tracker

We had some fun redesigning the way tracking information is shown.

MRW - Shippments tracker

Find your office

The users can find the nearest office by entering their ZIP code and bookmark them for future reference. Products and services can also be bookmarked for latter use.

MRW - Find your office

Iconography redesigned

We were asked to partialy redesign their product iconography after showing them some improved examples.

MRW - Icons

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