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McDonald's 1x1 social media promotion

McDonald's Spain commissioned their first social media campaign to One to One Marketing Services and Mortensen. The goal was to communicate the 1 € for a hamburger promo, 1x1, using only social media with a reduced budget.

Mortensen ported the concept "one Hamburger for one euro plus all good things you can imagine" to social media, created the strategy and produced the campaign. It involved presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tuenti.

McDonald's 1x1 - The McDonald's look'n'feel

The McDonald's look'n'feel

One of the biggest challenges was to mix McDonald's strong brand image with today's social media design trends.

Log in using...

The campaign was mainly plublicized via Twitter and Facebook. Users could log in with their Twitter or Facebook accounts and participate straight away avoiding the need for a (yet another!) new sign up process.

McDonald's 1x1 - Log in using...

Prizes every day

The "one hamburger for a small action, 1x1" was ported on social media by giving away prices relevant for McDonald's consumers. Prices shoud be redeemable online so the user could get an instant gratification. Every day a different price. With a small action like a click the user could win a price and share the promotion with all contatcs on Twitter, Facebook or Tuenti.

McDonald's 1x1 - Prizes every day
McDonald's 1x1 - McDonald's first move on social networks

McDonald's Spain first move on social networks

Mortensen advised McDonald's on how their presence on social networks should be. Tuenti, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were selected to implement the campaign.

Tell us your story

A second promo run parallel tho the 1x1 campaign and it involved the writing "of your best story", a good or suprising story that happened to you. A jury would chose the best one each month.

McDonald's 1x1 - Tell us your story

Get social everywhere

Each story can be voted, comented, and shared individually.

McDonald's 1x1 - Get social everywhere

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