Fry Communications AB

Fry Player

Mortensen was assigned to design a intuitively clear GUI (graphical user interface). The player developed by Fry Communications provides a musical service of highest quality to retail outlets, restaurants, hotels and public spaces. The service should be a combination of excellent playlists, reliability and automated workflow communicated through a well designed and intuitively clear Gui.

Fry - GUI

Intuitively clear

Retro designed GUI conceived to deliver the best musical service experience.

Accurate wireframes

Having a accurate wireframes was essential to meet the main requirements for the player.

Oonair - Time to act

Tailored playlists

Complete project starts with a tailored playlists on one end, sound branding and audio profiling on the other, using a high end build, intuitive operation, appropriate and tasty design player.

Oonair - Time to act


A function to slightly alter the playlist content towards more "upbeat, happy" or more "laidback, blue". This function has 3 positions: Rain, Neutral, Sunshine.

Oonair - Features at a glance


Playlists are time based so the stream will keep going in the background, therefore the music is not stopped but muted.

Oonair - Features at a glance

Request a song

Customized music requests and in the future customized players will be a part of our game. The option to purchase and download playlists will also come into play at a later stage.

Oonair - It's right there

As real as it gets

We took much care of details to make all material have a realistic look.

Oonair - The tool's highlights

Oonair - Keep me updated

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