EDM website redesign and development

EDM is an international leading independent wealth manager which its capital is wholly owned by the members of its management team. EDM has been a trailblazer in the use of UCITS funds and variable-capital investment companies as portfolio-structuring investment vehicles, both for private individuals and institutional investors. Mortensen was commissioned with the architecture, design and programming of the new site. Requirements for the design to be appealling, trustworthy were made, as well as the ability for daily updates.

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EDM - wealth management

EDM - wealth management

Simple and clean design highlights the trustworthy of the company.

Daily Update

For investors is important to have a daily update of their funds, Mortensen provided a simple way to upload this on the site everyday.

EDM - Daily Update


EDM is a growing company, a simple structure were this was reflected was provided.

EDM - Expand

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